• Description:

    In this pasta salad, some fresh, colourful ingredients and a creamy dressing combine to produce a mouthwatering meal. It’s light, refreshing and flavoursome, so take it along to a picnic, make it your go-to lunch recipe or even serve it as a side. Feel free to add some diced ham or leftover chicken if you want to bulk it up. Serves: 6

  • Ingredients:

    1 can (410 g) Rhodes Garden Peas in Brine, drained

    125 ml (½ cup) coarsely-torn basil

    200 g baby tomatoes, halved or quartered

    125 ml (½ cup) finely-chopped red onion

    1 yellow pepper, cut into small dice

    90 g cheddar cheese, cut into 1 cm squares

    500 ml (2 cups) cooked and seasoned pasta shells

    salt and pepper

    125 ml (½ cup) mayonnaise

    125 ml (½ cup) sour cream

    15 ml finely chopped garlic

    45 ml (3 tbsp.) finely chopped parsley

    a little cold water

  • Method:

    1. Place the Rhodes Garden Peas in a large mixing bowl and add the basil, tomatoes, onion, yellow pepper, cheese and pasta. Season to taste then toss well.
    2. Whisk the mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic and parsley together. Whisk in a few spoons of cold water to thin the dressing down to a runny consistency.
    3. Pour it over the salad, toss well, transfer to a salad bowl then serve with a roast or braai.