• Description:

    Rich fragrant coffee, smooth mellow whisky, a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of cream – drink in the heady flavours of Irish coffee this winter and warm yourself from the inside out.

  • Ingredients:

    1 cup of coffee (your choice of instant or filter)

    1 capful Jameson Irish Whiskey
    1 – 2 tbsp. brown sugar to taste

    2 – 3 tbsp. lightly whipped heavy cream

  • Method:

    1. Preheat a glass mug by pouring in a dash of hot water and swirling it around.
    2. Pour out the water and fill your mug with steaming hot coffee until three quarters full.
    3. Add sugar to taste, stirring until completely dissolved.
    4. Pour in a capful of Jameson Irish Whiskey and stir gently.
    5. Finish off your Irish coffee by topping it with the whipped cream, poured slowly onto the coffee over the back of a cold spoon. Drink and enjoy!