Easy At-home Manicure

When it comes to grooming, few things stand out as much as hands and nails that are well taken care of. So pamper yourself and keep up your appearance by following this easy step-by-step guide to a DIY manicure.


  • 1. Remove old polish with a cotton ball and acetone nailpolish remover.

    2. File nails into the shape of your choice. Get a modern shortish look by filing straight across the top and rounding the edges. An important aspect of nail care to remember is to avoid filing in a see-saw motion – this will weaken your nails and cause them to split. Start at one side, moving the nail file across the top in one motion.

    3. Soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water (if the water is too hot it will dry out your hands). Add liquid soap to the water. It will help to soften your nails and cuticles.

    4. Treat your cuticles by rubbing cuticle oil into them. Leave for one minute so the oil can be absorbed.

    5. Exfoliate your hands by rubbing a scrub over them for two to three minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. Use a rich exfoliator that leaves hands moisturised. Wipe any excess water or product off the nail beds.

    6. Apply a clear base coat followed by two coats of the nail polish in the colour of your choice. Wait at least a minute between applications for the polish to dry. Finish off with a top coat to help nails stay chip-free for longer.