How to Care for Dreadlocks

Who says dreadlocks have to look messy? Keep your hair in a great condition and looking super stylish with these helpful tips for care and maintenance.


  • 1. If I have relaxed hair, will I have to cut it before I can have dreadlocks?
    In the past you had to cut your relaxed hair but these days there are products that allow you to lock your relaxed hair.

    2. How do I wash my dreadlocks without them unlocking?
    Don’t be rough. The key to maintaining dreadlock styles is to gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and work it in using a stroking motion towards the ends of your locks. Rinse and repeat the process two or three times until you see a lot of foam – then your hair is clean.

    3. How often should I wash my dreads?
    Wash and condition your dreadlocks at least once every two weeks. You might need to wash your hair more often, depending on your lifestyle. If you exercise a lot, wash it after working out.

    4. What product should I use to wash my locks?
    Use a mild clear shampoo or even a moisturising body wash to make your locks smell extra nice. Don’t use a normal, rinse-out creamy conditioner since it will cause product buildup (which will make your hair look dirty). Rather use a leave-in conditioning spray.

    5. How do I prevent my dreadlocks from breaking?
    Your dreadlocks break when the hair is too dry; prevent this from happening by using a leave-in treatment for a quick fix or you can use a treatment once or twice a month to keep your dreads moisturised. Also avoid over-styling your hair - try to stick to one style a week.

    6. How do I make sure that my dreadlock style won’t look rough in the morning?
    Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase and avoid fabrics that pull on your hair. If you prefer cotton, tie a silk scarf around your dreads before you go to sleep.